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AC adapter for Sony Vaio VGN-G VGN-N VGN-NR VGN-NS Series Laptops 19.5V-4.7A 6.0mm-4.4mm -Middle Pin VGP-AC19V31 VGP-AC19V46 VGP-AC19V10


AC power adapter for Sony Vaio VGN-E VGN-FE VGN-FJ VGN-FS VGN-FT VGN-FW VGN-FZ Series laptops19.5 Volts 4.7 Amps6.0mm-4.4mm - Middle Pin Fits the Sony laptop model numbers listed at the bottom of this page plus many more. Compatible with these Sony Original AC Adapter Part Numbers: ADP-75UB ADP-75UB A ADP-75UBA ADP-90YB ADP-90YB B ADP-90YBB PCGA-AC19V10 PCGA-AC19V11 PCGA-AC19V12 PCGA-AC19V14 PCGA-AC19V3 PCGA-AC19V4 PCGA-AC19V9 VGP-AC19V10 VGP-AC19V11 VGP-AC19V12 VGP-AC19V13 VGP-AC19V14 VGP-AC19V15 VGP-AC19V19 VGP-AC19V21 VGP-AC19V22 VGP-AC19V23 VGP-AC19V24 VGP-AC19V25 VGP-AC19V26 VGP-AC19V27 VGP-AC19V30 VGP-AC19V31 VGP-AC19V32 VGP-AC19V33 VGP-AC19V33 VGP-AC19V35 VGP-AC19V37 VGP-AC19V45

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