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Dr. Bakst Magnetic Wrist Immobilizer


Dr. Bakst's Immobilizer Wrist Brace Information: Dr. Bakst Magnetic Immobilizing Wrist Brace is one of the strongest magnetic wrist braces on the market. Dr. Bakst is known worldwide for quality magnetic braces, and his wrist immobilizer is no exception. High Gauss strength ensures deep penetration, for more effective pain relief. Thousands of people use Dr. Bakst Magnetic Therapy for pain relief without the side effects of traditional medication. Relieves discomfort associated with repetitive movements, such as typing, piano and deskwork Supports and relieves wrist discomfort Uses 12 strategically positioned, high-powered Neodymium...and Ceramic unipolar magnets 15,000 Gauss power providing deep penetration Constructed with extra high quality breathable foam Exclusive molded bracing support One size fits all Indications Dr. Bakst Magnetic Immobilizing Wrist Brace is indicated for pain due to repetitive wrist movements & sprains/strains. Goals Reduce wrist pain Improve circulation Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Improve wrist joint function Improve quality of life Support Level This brace is not rated Click here for Rating Information: - Dr. Bakst Magnetics 830220

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