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Indian Head Penny Silvertone Rope Bezel Cufflinks


These silvertone rope bezel coin cuff links include genuine U.S. Indian Head Pennies encircled by antique rope settings that will make your cuffs a perfect conversation starter at your next social event! In 1858, the director of the mint suggested a design change to the one cent coin, as it was difficult to strike. James B. Longacre was selected to design the new one cent coin. He decided to use Liberty on the obverse of the coin. The reverse was first designed to resemble laurel, and then was changed to oak. Composition changes occurred during the 50 year reign of the Indian Head Cent, ranging from copper nickel to bronze. The copper nickel Indian Head cents were so light in color they were called white cents! The Indian Head cent was minted from 1859-1909. These coin cuff links feature bullet back closures, making them easy to put on. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Materials: Pewter, Metal. Dimensions: 0.88 L x 0.88 W x 0.13 H Weight: 0.08 lbs.

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