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Micro Plush Bathrobes for Kids


Plush robes for kids help them warm up to drying off Children will want to get out of the tub when you tell them to because they'll soon be wrapped in a cozy, twill microfiber bathrobe so snug it'd make a bug in a rug envious. Wrap your little ones in warmth as soon as they hit the air. Toddler robes tame the buck-wild child You know the one: The wet kid who wriggles out of your grasp, heading for the dirty floor and nearest piece of precious furniture, while you're left with a useless towel. Wrangle that wild child into this robe with tie closure. It's so quick and easy, they'll think they escaped again! Let them be like you - while sparing your own robe! They wanna walk like you, talk like you and basically emulate your whole style. Indulge them and enjoy this fleeting phase while keeping your robe safe. We have measurements to fit all shapes and sizes, so give kids their own bathrobe that stays above the floor, unharmed. They'll love a fit that makes them look just like you. Keep kids clothed with robes at the pool and water park As the towel flies, so goes your youngster to the nearest ride after playing in the pool. Bathrobes stay on easier than towels to keep the children clad when they get out of the water. Life's too exciting to remember to hold onto a towel! Make your life easier by giving the kids bathrobes that you'll both love!

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