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Montgomery Wards LN6030 Humidifier Filter


Montgomery Wards humidifier filter belt (evaporator pad) for portable 5 1/4"""" drum-types with 15 gallon or larger output capacity. Fits Montgomery Wards humidifier models LN6030, LN6032, LN6040, LN6041, LN6042, LN6043, LN6044, LN6050, LN6051, LN6053, LN6054, LN6056-B, LN6059, LN6062, LN5097 and LN6151 For optimum performance, replace filter twice a season. Measures approximately 5 1/4"""" x 62 13/16"""" x 3/8"""" A humidifier, such as Montgomery Wards, will fill your home with much needed humidity during the winter. Interior humidity is lost will running a furnace or other dry heating appliances. The filter is one of the most important parts of your unit. The Montgomery Ward replacement filter is recommended that it should be changed twice a season for the best performance possible.

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