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Optec TLC Universal Hip Abduction Brace


OPTEC TLC Universal Hip Abduction Brace Information: Material: MPE Gender: Unisex Universal Pelvic Band: Adjustable for hip development & pelvic circumference with quick release buckle closure Universal Thigh Cuff: Bivalve design adjustable to thigh proximal and distal measurements Liner: Breathable, washable liner absorbs perspiration and reduces heat buildup Universal Hip Joint: TLC hip joint with infinite abduction/ adduction & flexion/ extension settings Suggested L1686 Indications Arthoplasty Hip Dislocation or Potential High Risk Dislocation Hip Displasia - Anterior or Posterior Hip Management/ Immobilization Hip Revisions Hip Surgery Post-Operative Pre-Operative Stabilize, Align & Reinforce Hip Goals Ease of adjustment Patient compliance Maintain proper hip position Adjustability in multiple body planes Support Level This brace is rated Professional Click here for Rating Information: - Optec Braces TLCUX

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