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QuickCable Battery Boxes - Battery Group 24


Tough material is impact resistant to -30F, heat stable to 200F and impervious to acid, gasoline, oil and solvents. Will not rust. UV protected. QuickLock cover is easy to put on and take off and prevents cover loss. Easily reinforce handles by adding J-hooks, L-hooks, threaded rod or lag bolts (not included) to the molded hold-down holes. Fits all traditional battery group sizes and new orbital or spiral-celled, deep-cycle, high-performance batteries. Meets U.S. Coast Guard regulations 183.420 & ABYCE-10.7. USA made. Battery Group Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions Item No. 24 10-1/2""L x 7""W x 9-3/4""H 13-1/2""L x 9-1/4""W x 10-1/4""H 224780 26.7cm L x 17.8cm W x 24.8cm H 34.3cm L x 23.5cm W x 26cm H 27 12-3/4""L x 7-1/4""W x 10""H 16-1/8""L x 9-5/8""W x 10-7/8""H 224779 32.4cm L x 18.4cm W x 25.4cm H 40.9cm L x 24.4cm W x 27.6cm H 24, 27, 31 14-1/2""L x 7-1/4""W x 10-3/8""H 17-3/4""L x 10-1/4""W x 10-7/8""H 224778 36.8cm L x 18.4cm W x 25.4cm H 45.1cm L s 26cm W x 27.6cm H

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