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Rawlings G12MTB Gold Glove Gamer 12 Adult Baseball Glove


The Gold Glove Gamer line from Rawlings is designed with quality and affordability in mind. These gloves are perfect for the player that is in need of a superior glove at a mid-level price point. So; the player can rest-assured; knowing the glove s/he is getting is still a high-quality glove at a lower cost. The G12MTB is 12" in length; ideal for a pitcher and 3rd baseman; but acceptable for a middle infielder that prefers a little extra length for his/her mitt. This glove features Rawlings' Modified Trap-Eze web; which provides just enough coverage for seams as a pitcher; while keeping a strong; shallow pocket for snagging hard line drives and quick transitions in the field. The shell; palm and web are composed of a soft; full-grain leather; which allows for a quicker and easier break-in than other; stiffer leathers that are available. This leather will shape and mold to create the desired pocket; but will not lack in durability when properly taken care of. Keeping the glove together; the lacing throughout the Gold Glove Gamer series is USA-tanned leather. This leather is extremely strong; so the player can worry less about a hard hit or fast thrown ball breaking brittle laces; and more about securing the ball in the pocket. Looking at the inside; the glove is lined with a soft; full-grain leather for smooth; unmatched comfort. Also added; a reinforced leather palm pad to reduce sting and maintain longevity of the mitt. The hand opening features a conventional; open back with a laced binding. The conventional back allows for extra ventilation; while the laced binding provides a secure and snug fit - keeping the glove in place; even during the toughest plays. Upon arrival; the Gamer is about 80% factory broken-in; leaving the player to do about 20% of the work. This ratio gives the player more time to get out there and use the new glove and less time worrying about the sometimes tedious break-in process.

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